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End and Beginning – English Poem

End and beginning (Raindrops).
Whether it is about friendship or love or an unfinished project, sometimes it is better to end what never was, but could have been, to be free for something new, that is not yet, but could be.
These thoughts came to my mind at the beginning of 2017 and quite spontaneously ended up in this poem.
The picture was taken from my living room. I was looking outside watching the raindrops fall, when suddenly the sun came out and I caught the moment on camera. I was not sure at all if it would come out nicely, but luckily it did! And I thought it would be a great match for my poem: Sometimes you have to push the dark clouds away so that the sun can come through and you see a new horizon.

End and Beginning

To end
what never was –
but could have been.

To start
what is not yet –
but could be.

(Karin Quade)