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Empty Sheets – English Poem

It hurts to know that the one you love is gone and you are not going to see him again, not going to feel him again. Today you can still take in his smell but soon the sheets will again be white and clean – Empty sheets that lack the memory of you.
When I wrote this poem I was thinking of a loving relationship that had just ended and I guess that is what most people think of when reading this poem.
But I also met someone with a different association: She actually broke into tears when reading my poem and then after a while she told me that she had lost her husband 2 weeks ago and that she had not yet changed the sheets because she wanted to consverve his smell as long as possible. She knew that far too soon the sheets would again be white and clean, lacking the memory of him.
The photopoem is now hung up in her bedroom – over her bed.

Englische Version von “Dein Duft”.

Empty Sheets

I press my face
Into the pillows
Taking in your smell
Breathing it, feeling it
Conserving it
For today was our last time
Soon , the sheets will again be
White and clean
Empty sheets
That lack the memory of you     

(Karin Quade)