“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

When British novelist Sir Philip Pullman penned those words, I feel he could have been writing about me.

I have been writing poems and short stories since I was born in 1968 in Darmstadt, Germany.

After high school I studied law in Passau (Germany/Bavaria), Sheffield, (England) and Aix-en-Provence (France) where I obtained a Master’s degree in international Public Law. Back in Germany I started working in the financial sector in Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

And I never stopped writing. I believe that poetry connects the world which is why I’m both dreaming, and striving to have my creations translated into as many languages as possible. As I speak fluent English and French and a little bit of Italian, I was able to translate some of my poems into English, French and Italian.

Two of my poems “Life Lines” and “End and Beginning” are available in 15 languages, including German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Kinyarwanda.

A few years ago I started combining my writings with photos and recently had my first exhibition in Ober-Ramstadt, Hesse.

The showing included more than 30 of my photo poems based on universal themes: love and friendship flavored by surprise, philosophy and sensuality.

My dream, as expressed in my poem “Life Lines” is to bring people together or to bring them together again.


Cross each other.

Touch each other.

Meet each other.

Reject each other.

Attract each other.

Lose each other.

Find each other again.

– Karin Quade

In this spirit I hope to meet you again on this website or maybe one day in real life!



Ich bin 1968 in Darmstadt geboren und lebe und arbeite auch heute dort. Mein Jurastudium habe ich in Passau, Sheffield und Aix-en-Provence absolviert und mit einer Maîtrise en droit abgeschlossen. Gedichte habe ich schon immer geschrieben. Aber erst vor ein paar Jahren habe ich angefangen, einige meiner Gedichte zu bebildern. Dazu habe ich selber Fotos gemacht, oder Freunde haben Bilder mit mir gemacht.
Und gerade weil ich durch dieses Bebildern meiner Gedichte so viele Menschen wiedergefunden oder auch neu kennengelernt habe, habe ich meine erste Ausstellung auch “Lebenslinien” genannt. Wie ich in meinem Gedicht schreibe:


Kreuzen sich

Berühren sich

Treffen sich.

Stoßen sich ab

Ziehen sich an

Verlieren sich.

Treffen sich wieder.

– Karin Quade

In diesem Sinne würde ich mich freuen, Sie bald wieder zu treffen! Auf meiner Website oder vielleicht auch im richtigen Leben …